666 OST

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Type OST : jeu-video
Compositeur(s) : Yuzo Koshiro, Matt Uelmen
Arrangement(s) : Shiryu's Music
Artiste(s) : Shiryu's Music
Nombre de disque(s) : 1
Nombre de piste(s) : 6
Référence : N/A
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01 - Lucy Fair

02 - Lucy Fair 666 Mix

03 - ActRaiser Suite God vs Satan

04 - Lucy Fair (Instrumental)

05 - Lucy Fair 666 Mix Inst

06 - 8-Bit of Tristam

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When I first started my Shiryu Music Facebook page, I was glad to have 6 fans, but to ne day imagine that number
would go up to 666 is beyond my wildest dreams. There is not one day I am not surprised for the amount of people
listenng, donwloading, commenting on my music. So this EP is a "Thank you!" for each and everyone of those 666 guys
and gals. Includes the original 2013 track "Lucy Fair", a new 2014 remix "Lucy Fair (666 Mix)", both versions in
instrumental plus an orchestral cover of Yuzo Koshiro's "ActRaiser" fnal battle theme and a chiptune demake of Matt
Uelmen excelent "Tristam" theme from "Diablo". Hope you enjoy this devilish EP! Fell free to tell your friends and
share my music. Join up at !

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